Screens are the smallest kind of room dividers available on the market, but that often works in their advantage. As such, they are easily placed wherever they are needed, whether to provide a small acoustic barrier to absorb excess noise, to create a more private working or meeting space, without losing the overall sense of space.

Stephanie Forsythe’s and Todd MacAllen’s ‘kraft paper softblocks’ for molo is a series of honeycomb paper screens, which can be stretched out into a desired shape and stacked onto one another, creating a richly textured and a highly adaptable screen. A different approach is manifested in Hans von Hirsch’s and Jonh Zoffmann’s ‘Spaghetti Wall room divider’ for HOWE, where, a row of tall, flexible, fibreglass rods, mounted onto low frame form an ambiguous, shimmering, half-transparent barrier.

Another option to increase screens’ functionality is to integrate storage space. Marco Viola’s ‘Stripes Collection’ are freestanding, brightly coloured shelves from engineered wood that can act as a screen, and also provide necessary storage space. Fritz Halle’s and Paul Schrärer’s ‘USM Modular Furniture Display’ is a metal, modular, wheel-mounted magazine display stand, that can double as a screen.

Monica Armani’s ‘WGS Wall’ screen for Gallotti&Radice is upholstered in fabric, making it suitable as an acoustic absorber, but also offers space for magazines and newspapers in the folds of its surface. Taking a different formal approach, in B&B Italia’s ‘Softwall’, designed by Carsten Gerhards and Andreas Glücker, the screen comprises of individually upholstered prisms, which are placed close together. Newspapers and magazines are then inserted into the gaps.

‘Silence point’ by AOS is a screen which can wrap around a seating area, creating a small, informal and quiet meeting room or a lounge space. And lastly, Anya Sebton’s ‘Loop floor screen for Abstracta, where thick upholstered strands are woven into a thin steel frame, creating a boldly patterned surface, and Note’s ‘Dezibel’ range of screens, where large, geometric shapes are covered in colourful wool felt and placed on friendly, wooden stands, prove that screens can bring a playful touch into any office space.

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