Screening panels

Screening panels in the garden, similar to those indoors, are softer spatial barriers that help define different functional spaces and their relation to one another. Designers and manufacturers have come up with many different variations within this product group. Thus, finding the right screening panel begins with establishing a sense of location, function and aesthetic preferences.

A portable, folding solution is designed by Luc Jozancy in the shape of the lacquered, aluminium ‘Mistral screen’ screening panel for Matière Grise. Another metal solution is KriskaDECOR®’s ‘Snina® 20212 Grey’, a small-format mesh curtain, which can be hung from pergolas or within large frames to create a semi-permeable privacy screen. This screening panel is also available in a variety of colours and graphic patterns.

Carl Stahl’s ‘X-TEND’ is a light, stainless steel mesh that can span larger frames and also be used as a trellis to create a green barrier, whereas complexma’s ‘Charisma Glass Ivy’ is a screening panel composed of two glass panels with ivy plants sandwiched and conserved in between. Hsu-Li Teo’s and Stefan Kaiser’s ‘Sticks Inline’ for extremis is a folding screening panel with plastic sticks that create a gently swaying spatial border.

Koike Atsushi’s and Zero First Design’s ‘Green Wall curve’ is a curving screening panel made out of wood, with planters incorporated within the screen’s frame. Finally, Janne Kyttänen’s ‘Macedonia space divider’ by Freedom of Creation is a modular screening panel made out of propylene hexagonal elements and can be multiplied alongside one another to fit almost any dimension.

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