Restaurant seating systems

In order to accommodate larger numbers of people, and to provide a greater variety of seating solutions, restaurant seating systems can be used. Restaurant seating systems are often positioned against a wall, though they can also be arranged in a corner, form more private booths, or stand freely in space.

‘Terminus’ restaurant seating system, designed by Carlo Bimbi for Segis, is a modular system of sofas on slender steel legs, upholstered in fabric or faux leather, which can be complemented with acoustic and privacy screens.

KURTH Manufaktur’s ‘Restaurant OX Steakhouse | Chesterfield’ is a plush, comfortable and robust restaurant seating system with a diamond-quilt, deep-buttoned back seat, recalling old-world comfort. Ahrend’s ‘Ahrend Train bench’ and Thomas Sandell’s ‘King sofa’ for OFFECCT are both large, formally pared-down, sculptural restaurant seating systems. The latter also offers a smaller, matching module that seats one person, and can be used as a chair in its own right.

Assemblyroom’s aptly named ‘Long Eaton Stacking Bench’ is a humble, wooden bench with an upholstered seat pad, and a backrest. Finally, Patrick Frey’s ‘NOOK bench red’ for VIAL is a formally and technically daring bench, where a sheet of innovative, plastic material is scored by a CNC mill and subsequently folded into shape and fastened by two aluminium brackets, resulting in a curved, yet angular, restaurant seat.

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