Recessed wall lights

Recessed wall lights are a type of lighting solution that finds part of its mechanics set in a wall. This means that the architectural design either includes niches for recessed wall light, though these can also be integrated in non-load bearing structures and composite panel walls.

In some cases, recessed wall lights in this selection can actually go beyond the plane of the wall. For instance Kordula Kafka’s ‘Trou built-in wall | ceiling lamp’ is a halogen light with a bulbous porcelain lampshade that emerges from a wall. Similarly, Mario de Rosa’s ‘Per-E wall’ by Vesoi features a steel plate that hides recessed sockets, into which light bulbs are inserted. GEORG BECHTER’s ‘Velvet’ takes it a step further, and features a plaster mould which recesses gradually into a single point into which the source of illumination is placed.

LED-C4’s ‘Delta COB’ is a small, high performance spotlight with an aluminium case and a rotating head, that can be inserted within a suspended ceiling. Another recessed wall light, ‘Side | Tiles’ by Kreon, is actually integrated into a suspended ceiling panel. Virginie Bethet’s ‘Escape’ is a recessed wall light panel with the silhouette of a window and can act as a whimsical illumination source in basements, or other spaces without daylight and views.

Panzeri’s ‘XG2044’ is a linear recessed wall light consisting of an aluminium profile that can be used in corners and reinforce the spatial tectonics of corridors and rooms. British architect David Chipperfield’s understated ‘Slot’ by Fontana Arte is a vertical recessed wall light that is ideal to establish a regular rhythm is office or hotel corridors and bathe the space in gentle, diffuse light. A more opulent option is Castellani & Smith-manufactured ‘Pepita ADJ Single Panel’ a small, recessed metal shade lined with gold leaf. Finally, Serge and Robert Corneslissen’s ‘Ecce Lumen Fresco’ recessed wall light for MOLTO LUCE features rectangular, internally illuminated panels, whose surface is enlivened with colourful cut-outs of classic frescoes.

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