Recessed floor lights

Recessed floor lights are often used to define and heighten the boundaries of a given space by creating contrast between relatively dark floor and illuminated walls. Because the lights are integrated in the floor, they are often shock resistant, and generally, the designs in this selection here can function after heavier use.
A typical example of a recessed floor light, Kreon’s ‘Mini Up Circular Outdoor’, is a spotlight set deep within a black or white die-cast aluminium fixture, which is resistant enough to be used outdoors as well. Paviom’s ‘Orno LED Mini T’ is also a round fixture, but its stainless steel frame is less pronounced. A slightly larger design is the rectangular ‘Arcada’, manufactured by Linea Light Group - i-LèD, and is designed specifically to illuminate arches from below. Zumtobel Lighting’s ‘Paso II’ is a square recessed floor light that comes in various sizes, ranging from 120 to 260 mm.
Hans Buschfeld’s ‘MAXMono’ manufactured by Buschfeld Design is an adjustable, rotating LED spotlight mounted on a slender steel rod that can be used in retail, exhibition, as well as domestic environments. Another similar recessed floor light is Kai Steffens’s and Christian Dinow’s ‘zeus recessed light’ for less’n’more, an informal design with a red, flexible shaft and a narrow, aluminium fixture.
Conversely, Karsten’s Winkels ‘Ledia LL ID 910 Illuminating Tile’ for Hess is a linear, LED element with an anti-slip glass surface, set flush within the floor. The illumination is available in a variety of colours, from crimson, to yellow, to light blue. Finally, TAL’s ‘Smartfader Matrix’ is a modular recessed floor light tile, available with different coloured lights, that momentarily fade after they are stepped on, creating a visual representation of people’s paths.

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