Recessed ceiling lights

Recessed ceiling lights, most often used in conjunction with a dropped ceiling, are a popular product among today’s consumers, and fit well within contemporary architectural trend of clean lines and flush surfaces.

This does not of course mean that all recessed ceiling lights are suited only for modern offices or retail spaces. ‘Emporio Light | Modular II’ by FEDE, for instance, is a set of rotating spotlights set within a decorative, brass panel, and can just as easily be used in domestic setting. Another whimsical recessed ceiling light is GEORG BECHTER’s ‘Velvet’, a large incandescent light bulb set within a slowly receding fibre-reinforced plaster mould. Conversely, Ingo Maurer’s recessed ceiling light ‘Schlitz Up’ looks as if someone had slashed a canvas, and light came pouring out of the gashes.

Pamio Design’s ‘Faretti Cindy D27 F28 00’ features a crystalline light diffuser made of highly refractive lead crystal glass and is perfect for mood lighting, whereas Kreon’s ‘Soft Super-Side Asymmetric T16’ is a large illuminated ceiling panel ideal for expansive, open plan offices. The minimalist ‘Nothing Recessed Linear System Diffusor’, designed by Ernesto Gismondi for Artemide Architectural, integrates lighting fixtures into the false ceiling, leaving only a narrow gap of bright, diffuse light. Saldaña Rubén’s ‘Funghi’ for ARKOSLIGHT is a round recessed ceiling light with radial indirect illumination, while Alteme’s ‘Bar Recessed luminaire’ is a linear, modular light whose load bearing body can either be used in the construction of a dropped ceiling or be left in plain sight.

Another linear light, LEDS-C4’s infinite Ceiling light’ combines an extruded aluminium fixture with gridded, polycarbonate diffusers. This recessed ceiling light can be used as a pendant too. Finally, Knud Holscher’s ‘Pure 3 Downlight’ for Flos is a half-recessed ceiling spotlight, whose, smooth, die-cast aluminium tip can be rotated in any desired direction.

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