Rear projection panels

Before the development of LCD and plasma screens, the way to show large images during presentation was through projection, either with conventional projectors and screens, or with rear projection panels, where the image is projected from behind. Main advantage of this system is that the presenter does not cast a shadow. Nowadays, rear projection panels are rare, but still available.

Evonik Röhm still manufactures high-quality real projection panels that have been designed for a large angle range and extra brightness. They come in two variations, the 3-mm thick ‘Plexiglas® Rear Projection grey 99561 RP’ and the 5-mm ‘Plexiglas® Rear Projection grey 7D006 RP’.

Other products in this category, namely ARTHUR HOLM’s ‘2-channel junior wall rail’ all the way to ‘4-channel junior-senior-junior wall rail’, are simple map rail system that can be used as a mount for rear projection panels.

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