Railings / Balustrades

Railings and balustrades are essential landscaping features when dealing with level changes, terraces and stairs. Although balustrades are still often used to describe more ornate, traditional barriers, as often seen on classical balconies, nowadays the word is used interchangeably with railings, and can just as easily denote a modern sleek element.

For instance, Wolfgruber’s ‘Basic’ is an angular, stainless steel railing zompeising round tubes with thin, horizontally mounted rods that act as a barrier and protect people from injuries. CP Sistemi-designed ‘SKY LINE’ for Brugg Lifting is a similar design. However, the balustrade itself is made of thin steel wires, suspended horizontally between steel struts. This design can be complemented with Walter A. Schaefer’s ‘ARTLINE’, a collection of sleek, practical shelves that can be attached to railings.

In some cases, a balustrade can be a solid plate of glass. In complexma’s ‘Charisma Glass Beargrass’, plants are sandwiched and preserved between two glass panes. The same manufacturer also produces a wide variety of designs, with many natural and man-made material proving their colours and visual texture to the finished product. Carl Stahl’s ‘X-Tend | Railing infill for bridges’ is a light, stainless steel mesh that spans a load-bearing frame. Lastly, Peter J. Lassen’s ‘GRID Garden’ is a three dimensional grid system that can be used, in conjunction with the correct type of infill elements, to construct trellises, space dividers and even balustrades.

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