Projection screens

Projection screens are especially important for large meeting rooms, academic lecture halls, classrooms and conference auditoriums.

Christian Halleröd’s ‘M5 Conference’ for Lintex or Frederic Wallner’s ‘Messenger’ for Abstracta are both large projection screens, hidden beneath sliding, magnetic, writeable panels, ideal for meetings, presentations, lectures and brainstorming sessions.

Bene’s ‘NiCE Wall’, on the other hand, is not so much a projection screen as a system of digital projectors, which can produce a coherent image up to 30 meters long, and where users can contribute in an interactive fashion with their tablets, but also using analogue media such as sticky notes. On the other end of the spectrum, we have Urs and Carmen Greutmann Bolzern's ‘Wallstreet office Hollywood’, a demountable, mobile projection screen which can be moved from room to room on castors.

Hilde Léon’s, Siegfried Wernik’s and Konrad Wohlhage’s ‘Instant Space’ for scheiderschram is a projection screen rolled up in a cylindrical, vertical case, and which can be pulled out whenever needed, and can also be used in open plan office spaces as a room divider.

Finally, Stefan Bodbeck’s ‘H. System’ comprises two wall-mounted rails, which support a series of sliding while boards, magnetic boards and notice boards, but which also includes a small screen digital screen inside that can be used during presentations.

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