Projection screens

Projection screens are mainly used during presentations, meetings and seminars. The focus in this product group is mainly on the video side of things, though sometimes audio and cable management solutions are integrated within projection screen systems.

Holzmedia’s ‘T1 Mirror projection’ comprises a hatch underneath a table top, with a mirror-covered flap, finished in sleek, anodised aluminium. This product can be specified to individual requirements and projector size. Another slight outlier in the projection screens product group is Sedus Stoll’s ‘monitor caddy’, a castor mounted AV stands with an integrated cable managements system. Bene’s ‘Media Toggle’ is a comprehensive management system that synchronises and simplifies digital access to projection screens and displays in meeting rooms.

Urs and Carmen Greutmann Bolzern’s ‘Wallstreet Office Hollywood’ for adeco is a classic projection screen that is attached to a castor-mounted base. It can be rolled down for use from its cover. Other projection screens are stationary, but can be used as writing boards. Frederik Wallner’s ‘Messenger’ projection screen for Abstracta is also a whiteboard with sliding cover panels, while Stefan Brodbeck’s ‘H. System’ projection screen for Steelcase comprises small, built-in shelves for writing implements, and can be specified with a notice board type surface.

Lastly, Christian Halleröd’s ‘M1 Wall’ projection screen is a multifunctional whiteboard surrounded by sound-absorbing panels in materials ranging from textile, glass, linen weave or cork.

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