Power / connectivity modules

In some cases, for example in meeting rooms or during team workshops, power and connectivity modules are preferred to individualised cable management solutions, as a more flexible, adaptable solution.

Tomas Svensson’s and Johan Götesson’s ‘Bi-Box’ is a simple hatch with a shelf underneath, and can hold either just power outlets, connectivity modules, or a combination of both. For example, it could easily accommodate Swedstyle’s ‘Concept Flex Power Connectors’, a power module with up to eight individual sockets. Similar in design, EVOline’s freestanding ‘U-Dock MULTIMEDIA’ has fewer sockets, but it does incorporate internet and data connectivity modules.

In many cases, the power and connectivity modules are integrated within the opening hatch, such as EVOline’s ‘FlipTop DATA MEDIUM’, or their ‘Port MULTIMEDIA PROFESSIONELL’, where media and data outlets, as well as sockets, are arranged in a column that can be raised from the desktop at the press of a finger.

Götesson’s ‘Office Power Clamp’, on the other hand, is clamped to the edge of a desktop and is always on display, while Holzmedia’s ‘Multimedia technology’ power and connectivity module is embedded flush within the surface, but wholly visible. Unless, of course, the user rotates it, at which point the multimedia and internet outlets and power sockets are replaced by its wholly smooth back surface.

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