Potting / Planting benches

Potting and planting benches combine seating and planting into practical and beautiful garden accessories.
Take CASSECROUTE’s ‘Daily needs’, designed by Studio Segers, a series of modular, wooden planting benches that can transform even a small backyard or terrace into a neat urban farm. While some of the modules function as flowerpots, others can be used for storing equipment, or even keeping chickens. Metten’s ‘Scala anthrazit, gestrahlt’ is a concrete, modular potting bench system available with different surface treatments and colours and is more suited to larger scale gardening layouts that are more permanent in nature.

And while Michael Koenig’s ‘Beethoven’ for FLORA is a tall, sturdy, aluminium potting bench, with an open shelf underneath the seat for storing plants and garden equipment, HandCraftDesign’s ‘Kata’ for De Castelli is a sculptural block with a narrow crevice running from its centre to its edge where nature can take its place. This last planting bench is available in a corten steel finish, as well as in acid-etched iron.

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