Pool lights

All parts of the garden - even pools - can be illuminated. This not only makes it possible to entertain guests during the night, but also adds a whole different atmosphere.

Although swimming pools are often complemented with floor lights, freestanding floor lamps or lanterns, there are specially-designed pool lights that will completely transform swimming and bathing experience.

The first pool light in the selection is ‘City’, designed and manufactured by Slide. This rotational-moulded, polyethylene pool light is a veritable column of light that can be set up around the pool, as well as the rest of the garden, to create an otherworldly, luminous landscape. The other design in this selection, ‘Acquaglobo’ by the same manufacturer, takes things even further. This pool light is an internally illuminated sphere that floats on the water’s surface, allowing for playful interaction with the bathers.

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