Plant holders / Plant stands

Research indicates that indoor plants have a positive effect on air quality by filtering indoor air, as well as by increasing humidity and decreasing the amount of airborne microbes. Of course, the presence of greenery has positive psychological effects too. All the more reason to invest in plants, and, of course, high-quality plant holders and stands.

The solutions offered are truly diverse. For those wanting plants stands to be an integral part in the office might be enchanted by ‘Green light’ plant stand, designed by Mermelada Estudio for Systemtronic, a long, rectangular container with round edges that can be used as a table divider, or ‘Green light S’, a circular freestanding tray on a tall central support.

A more neutral design is Kenyon Yeh’s ‘Lipa’ plant stand for Esaila, a simple abstract composition with a folded sheet of metal as a support and a round tabletop, this design can function as a night stand or a side table as well. Similarly, Claesson Koivisto Rune’s ‘Green Trays’ plant stand for OFFECCT is a series of low coffee tables in galvanised steel.

Aldo Cibic’s and Cristian Urban’s ‘Riviera Pot’ plant holder for De Castelli is a strict, orthogonal sculpture from cast iron rods, with a stainless steel top moulded to include a flowerpot. Other plant holders by De Castelli are Albino Celato-designed ‘Delta and Omega’, a series of tall steel flowerpots, which are also suitable for outdoors use; and ‘Rocco’, a line of tall, sculptural vases with thin necks, designed by Albino Celato and Stefano Dussin.

Larger plant holders can also be used as room dividers, such as Lisa Wacklin’s and Per Berglund’s ‘Moving Hedge’ for Greenwords, a true green wall on which plants grow, or François Clerc’s ‘Screen Pot’ for De Castelli, where climbers grow into a perforated, curved, metal screen. Front-designed ‘Green Pedestals’ for OFFECCT is a series of metal ottomans, which can either be covered with a brightly coloured lid, or used as a plant holder.

Lastly, Staron’s ‘STARON® Planter’ is a large, undulating perimeter bench that defines a small, lush garden, and is perfect for large reception or lounge areas.

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