Plan chests

Plan chests are broad sideboards with low shelves or drawers and are are primarily designed to accommodate large scale plan drawings, graphic designs, and paintings.

Poul Kjærholm’s understated, wooden ‘Poul Kjærholm Cabinet for drawings’ for Rud. Rasmussen is a classic plan chest, designed in 1955 for architecture students at the Royal Danish Academy, and still proves to be just as practical today as back then.

‘Opus 1 chest C1’, designed by Bo Steenberg for Opus 1 ApS, is also quite subdued, but the drawer fronts of this plan chest are available in mahogany, walnut, oak and cherry, in a subtle nod to luxury. Ueli Besenkamp’s ‘Unikorpus 780’, is a highly functional design, made from aluminium, which can be ordered with feet, or castors in order to allow mobility.

Item Design’s range of ‘OS OfficeSecret Storage’ for Imasoto is a comprehensive line of plan chests of varying heights, some of which have larger compartments with doors instead of just drawers, suggest themselves to mixing and matching within an office, but also highlight their ability to store more diverse content.

Lastly, Benedikt Rohner’s ‘Planschrank’ is an austere, minimal, open plan chest that can be stacked to create a taller piece, doubling its capacity, while retaining its strong sense of purpose and clear lines.

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