Performance spaces

Auditoriums, cinemas, concert halls and other performance spaces, different as they may be, have very similar functional requirements: namely, comfortably seating large numbers of people .

In all cases, the seating for the audience can be essentially the same. Nowadays, the preferred solution comes in the shape of modular seating systems with lushly upholstered, folding seats. These not only provide the necessary comfort, but also act as acoustic absorbers.

Therefore, furnishing performance spaces with seating is mostly a matter of taste; one can choose from alegreindustrial™’s ‘Audit’ by ACTIU, a sober, angular design with colourful upholstery; Giovanni Baccolini’s expressive, abstract ‘Eidos Plus’ by Ares Line; or Jean Nouvel’s elegant, rounded ‘13108 Lyon’ by FIGUERAS.

The first two designs can be ordered with a swivel-out tray table integrated in the armrests, making them suitable for multipurpose auditoriums, while the latter can be ordered with an additional modular desk system.

In the case of multifunctional performance spaces, regular chairs, which can be set up and stored easily are often used too. Disparate designs, such as PearsonLloyd’s efficient, plastic shell ‘SixE’ for HOWE; Claus Breinholt’s more stately, organically formed ‘LOOP’ for FORMvorRAT; Cristian Malisan’s sober, all-wood ‘Rio’ for Very Wood; and Martin Ballendat’s ‘Siamo’, which combines a plywood seat with an elegant, tubular steel base, are all suitable, stackable chairs.

Out of all performance spaces, concert halls need one extra addition, namely orchestral furniture. Luckily, this is easily taken care of, with designs such as the height-adjustable, bentwood ‘Piano’ stool from TON, or a wide selection of seats for orchestral musicians from Wilde + Spieth, such as the stackable, ventilated and upholstered ‘Musician’s Chair 710 1201’.

Finally, to put the performance in a performance space, there is a wide choice of music stands, from the minimal, multifunctional and highly adjustable ‘Notos’, designed by Thomas Kühl and Andreas Krob for ClassiCon; to the exquisitely crafted, but also practical, ‘MUSIC STAND with light’, designed by Lars Clemmensen for Okholm Design.

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