Pebble stones

Pebble stones are small, often rounded, natural stones that are often used as a decorative paving material in gardens and parks, because they create interesting, slightly irregular textures on the surfaces they cover. The colours and dimension of pebble stones are determined by the location they’re quarried in. Luckily, the German manufacturer Metten offers a wide range of products within this category that are sure to fit anyone’s preference.

Sharp-edged, beige pebble stones comprise ‘Zierkies | Splitte, Jura’, while rounded black basalt pebble stones can be found in ‘Zierkies | Splitte, Basalt’. On the other hand, the pebble stones in ‘Zierkies | Splitte, Alpine Moraine’ are more diverse in shape, size and colour owing to their origin from glacial deposits. The diversity in available pebble stones is does not end there, and the options range from smooth, white marble in ‘Zierkies | Splitte, Carrara’ to rough, earth-coloured volcanic rocks in ‘Zierkies | Splitte, Eifel-Lava’.

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