Paving bricks

Paving bricks are a product with a long history. Traditionally used in places where stone was hard to come by, and clay was plentiful, paving bricks could be quickly produces in large quantities and standardised sizes. Furthermore, their durability, ability to compose regular patterns, as well as graceful ageing make them an ideal outdoor flooring material.

Depending on the exact chemical composition of the clay used, paving bricks often had different colours, though nowadays, it is possible to achieve consistent results with the use of dyes. Simple and honest, A·K·A Ziegelgruppe’s yellow ‘Gotland paving bricks’, crimson ‘Terra Rossa paving bricks’ and black ‘Texel paving bricks’ are some traditional products offered by the German manufacturer. Petersen Gruppen also offers a traditional paving brick with its orange ‘B07’ range of paving bricks.

More complex paving bricks are also available. A·K·A Ziegelgruppe’s ‘Zittau compound pavers’ range contains interlocking elements that combine red and blue hues. ‘Meissen drainage paver’ by the same manufacturer is a specially shaped paving brick with two of its corners chipped off, to allow for more effective, natural drainage during rainstorms. Finally, ‘Borkum 3-D paving bricks’ combine red and orange clay into a slanted, elongated paving hexagons.

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