Paper baskets

Despite the fact that the use of paper in offices has decreased over the last decade, especially since much of the communication between employees, customers and visitors can be done online, paper baskets still prove their worth in any office, without being a detriment to the environment.

For example, Jangir Maddadi Design Bureau‘s ‘Butler Office’ is a sculptural paper basket freed from its strictly utilitarian purpose. Conversely, Ola Götesson’s ‘SetUpit’ is a cluster of small compartments that are mounted below the desktop and out of sight, and additionally allow for waste separation.

‘Zurich’ paper and waste basket, designed by Joan Gaspar for Planning Sisplamo, clusters three larger waste compartments into a compact, freestanding, prismic body, and is ideal for waste separation in offices, but also more general public spaces.

Lastly, Bosse Design’s ‘Bosse Accushred’ is a battery-powered paper shredder. With an exposed, tubular steel frame, and castors at its base, this paper basket is an elegant addition to any office, but also an essential, mobile device which safely disposes of old and unnecessary documents.

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