Outdoor upholstery fabrics

Outdoor furnishings are designed to be durable, and over time, their owners often complement them with loose cushions and covers. This does not only add additional comfort, but the choice of right outdoor upholstery fabrics can help create suitable mood and add a touch of personal style to any ensemble.

Bella Dura’s ‘Lewitt Pleats 1411 07 Rugged Ruche’ outdoor upholstery fabric is a light-fast, pleated outdoor upholstery fabric available in a range of bold colours as well as more neutral earth tones. Dedar’s ‘Pool col. 002’ is a polypropylene textile with a black and white hounds-tooth motif. Taking a different approach, Elitis-manufactured ‘Stromboli TV 238 74’ and Nya Nordiska’s ‘Mezzo’ are both outdoor upholstery fabrics whose texture recreates the look and feel of leather.

Zimmer + Rohde’s ‘Solaris 243’ fabric features a playful design of coloured dots and meandering lines, recalling the playful spirit of the sixties, whereas the patterns on Cres Muñoz’s acrylic fibre ‘Tyrreno Azul’, an outdoor upholstery fabric made by Equipo DRT, comprises of plant-like motifs arranged in navy-blue circles. Hornschuch’s ‘skai Cool colors Venezia black’ is a textile with a luxurious, understated pleat and comes in a range of muted colours. ‘Soft Ware | 01’ by EU Group, designed by Chiaramonte & Marin is a lush Italian outdoor upholstery fabric featuring pastel colours and floral patterns. Conversely, ‘Carbon Fiber Black’ by SPRALDING is an outdoor upholstery fabric made from carbon fibre vinyl and has a textured weave, adding a luxurious sheen to its smooth surface.

Kinnasand-designed ‘Jumper 1 033’ for Kvadrat is a fabric with a black-and-white threads, creating a timeless appearance. Similarly dichromatic, Paola Lenti’s ‘Cuscini’ combines plum and white threads into a cheerful and friendly outdoor upholstery fabric. Finally, Sunbrella’s ‘Jacquards Optic Plum’ is a richly dyed outdoor upholstery fabric with a meandering linear pattern that will surely delight lovers of retro design.

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