Outdoor showers

Although outdoor showers are often used in combination with a garden pool or a hot tub, they can also be used on their own and serve as a way to cool down or wash away the sweat and dirt after some gardening on hot summer days. Today’s designers and manufacturers offer a broad variety of designs, suiting every particular aesthetic.

Take Giulio Gianturco’s ‘Camilla CAM04’, a wall-mounted outdoor shower with a stainless steel support structure, along with a high quality, synthetic hose for the water. JEE-O’s ‘JEE-O slimline shower’ is a freestanding outdoor shower with slender, minimalist design that integrates the water within the stainless steel support. ’Well-Well’ by TRADEWINDS is even more minimal; a simple rectangular nozzle placed on the ground, sending jets of water gushing upwards in a playful reversal of the usual outdoor shower typology.

Designer giorgio Parise takes a sculptural approach for ‘STILLA’ outdoor shower for CEADESIGN, a tall, angular bent prism. Moredesign’s ‘Dino’ by MYYOUR, on the other hand, is a more organically shaped, rounded, robust outdoor shower that also includes an internal heating mechanism. The aptly named ‘Shower’, designed for Tribù by Nathalie Timmermans, has an austere, rectilinear form, but includes a large, rectangular baseplate and a separate tap for feet.

‘Garden shower’ by Mats Broberg and Johan Ridderstråle also includes a base plate, albeit one made from heat-treated ash wood, which guarantees a long lifespan and resistance to moisture. Furthermore, this outdoor shower is shaped like a tall, rectangular portal, whose top profile features perforations that enable its function. Lastly, Ludovica and Roberto Palomba’s ‘Wazebo outdoor shower pavilion - double version’ is a small, open structure with showerheads integrated in its roof and shelves and racks within its frame, where soap, towels and other accessories may be stored.

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