Outdoor rugs

Outdoor rugs are essential furnishings that complement seating and relaxation areas, whether in a garden or on a terrace. Outdoor rugs are made of fabrics and materials that are weather-resistant, light-fast and pleasant to the touch. These coverings come in a range of patterns, colours and textures.

For instance, KYMO’s ‘SG Polly outdoor lavender frost’ is a pale lavender outdoor rug, whose surface is made of long strands of coloured polyester. The same rug is available in colours from vibrant pink to understated beige. Conversely, Ruckstuhl’s ‘Braid’ is a round outdoor rug woven from untreated, but supremely durable and all-natural coir yarn. Its rough texture creates an archaic appearance and has a pleasant, massaging effect on the users’ feet.

Claudia Caviezel’s ‘Feldis’ outdoor rugs for Atelier Pfister are colourful affairs with large scale graphic patterns made from polypropylene fibre. Similarly, Nuzrat Carpet Emporium’s hand-woven, polyester ‘Wave’ is a design that relies chiefly on colourful stripes as its means of expression.

Patricia Urquiola’s and Eliana Gerotto’s ‘Crochet’, manufactured by Paola Lenti, is an outdoor rug composed of smaller, crocheted, geometric floral patterns. It is available in an elegant black, as well as more playful, colourful version. Cane-line’s ‘I am’ comprises several layers of fabric, all integrated within a geometric, pleated pattern. It can be used both inside and outside. Finally, Gandía Blasco’s ‘Canatex’ is a minimal, understated design; a rectangular outdoor rug made from a PVC-hemp composite material.

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