Outdoor rugs

Although outdoor rugs are usually not used as primary outdoor flooring, they nevertheless help to make exterior surfaces more hospitable and pleasant to the touch making them more suited to play and socialising, and often coincide with seating areas and outdoor kitchens.

The Spanish manufacturer Vondom collaborated with well-known designers, such as Karim Rashid and Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, on the graphically bold, black and white ‘Twist & Shout’ and unapologetically bright ‘Agatha rug red’. Both are made from high-quality polyethylene to withstand exterior conditions.

Nuzrat Carpet Emporium’s outdoor rugs, such as ‘32’, ‘30’ and ‘33’ are hand-woven from 100% polyester and feature thin, colourful stripes in different combinations. Feico Diedonné’s ‘Beaufort 440010’, produced by Carpet Sign, is an unusually durable outdoor rug that uses high tenacity polyester sailing rope. Finally Stefanie Zabel’s ‘Meadow flower patch “wild”’ is a quirky design, in which a soft, grass-green outdoor rug is decorated with felt flowers, creating an illusion of a neatly kept lawn, even on a hard, stone floor.

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