Outdoor kitchens

Outdoor kitchens range from modest affairs, that only comprise a worktop and a sink, to elaborate ensembles that include everything an indoor kitchen might have and more. These furnishings are able to withstand the elements, but some disassembly might be required for winter months.

Mats Broberg’s and Johan Ridderstråle’s ‘Garden kitchen sink’ is a basic outdoor kitchen: an open shelf with a teak top and a square, metal sink set within robust steel structure. Wolfgang Pichler’s ‘Outdoor Kitchen Table’ and ‘Outdoor Kitchen Sink’ for Viteo are likewise understated, straightforward designs with a steel frame.

Slightly more complex, René Götzenbrugger’s ‘OCQ Care’ for OCQ is a modular outdoor kitchen made from high-quality, laminated wood. The collection comprises storage and shelving units, as well as outdoor kitchen elements incorporating sinks, gas hobs, barbecue and even a cooler. Manufactured by ALL+, ‘QZone Kitchen’ is a design that includes an overhead canopy, and a large, freestanding, pergola-like aluminium frame. It can be furnished as an outdoor kitchen, complete with sink, hob and a worktop suspended within. This design is also available in white.

There are also exhaustive outdoor kitchen solutions, such as the Franz Kosta-designed cunKithen line for Joko Domus. The designs range from the simple, stainless steel trolley with closed compartments and a smooth worktop, the ‘cunKitchen base 2 | 679122’ to ‘cunKitchen teppan Yaki 2 | 679194’ that incorporates a hot, induction plate for grilling meat and vegetables. Antonio Citterio’s ‘Artusi Outdoor’ outdoor kitchen for Arclinea is an strictly rectangular, stainless steel design that would not feel out of place in a minimalist residence. Conversely, Miro Pistek’s ‘T-Bone Corrida Edition’ includes an outdoor fireplace along its traditionally styled kitchen units.

And while Marco de Luca’s and Alfredo Tasca’s ‘Ice’ for Metalco Home is the perfect outdoor kitchen for making cocktails, as its bulky, rounded volume hides an ice maker, ‘Suzette’ outdoor kitchen, designed for the same manufacturer by Staubach & Kuckertz in an elegant, stripped-down, stainless steel trolley with gas burners and exotic hardwood accessories.

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