Office systems

Office systems form a specialist group within the partitions and space dividers product category. They comprise not only space dividing elements, but, more often than not, other complementary furniture, such as desks and storage spaces. Office systems are most suitable for furnishing a large open plan office where work clusters, or more private meeting spaces need to be created.

Strähle’s ‘MTS cube’ is an example of the latter office system, a glazed box that ensures privacy during meetings, yet allows visual connection with the work floor. Bosse Design’s ‘Bosse Human Space Cube’ is a more comprehensive office system, with integrated ventilation, lighting and AV presentation equipment.

In other cases, office systems offer extra storage space. Carlo Colombo’s ‘WL partition’ office system for TECNO combines glass and engineered wood panels with sideboards and shelves, while Bukhardt Leitner’s ‘constructiv PON Office’ is a modular system of cupboards and shelves with an exposed steel structure and various infill materials. It can even be mounted on castors. Mario Broggi’s and Michael Burckhardt’s ‘OT System’ is a large movable screen with a height-adjustable desk and can also be mounted on castors. Another product within the same range includes tall stationary shelves with integrated desks which serve as effective room-dividers.

WINI Büromöbel’s ‘Winea Sinus’ is a comprehensive office system that offers acoustic screens and table dividers in order to enable a certain amount of concentration in the workplace. Christian Horner’s modular ‘Cube_S | Workstation’ surrounds office desks with a wall of storage cabinets, in order to facilitate effective teamwork. Within this office system, various other layouts - which create different work configurations and levels of individual privacy - are also available.

Mario Mazzer’s ‘More’ office system for Martex offers a complete set of office furnishings, including a variety of desks, privacy screens, and meeting and presentation spaces, organised along a spine of shelves and cupboards. Lastly, Gabriel Teixidó’s ‘Aire’ office system for ARIDI combines translucent, delicate, mesh screens with desks supported by a minimal, tubular steel frame and castor-mounted storage cabinets.

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