Notice boards

Notice boards, both individual and collective, are still regarded as a useful addition to an office. On a personal level, they allow an employee to organise, and personalise, their workstation, while on a collective level, notice boards serve as an effective points of disseminating information and fostering communication.

Abstracta’s ‘Softline™’ notice board, for example, is a desk-mounted table divider, upholstered in colourful fabric, that allows its users to pin up their schedules and work documents, as well as personal photographs.

Abstracta also manufactures ‘Unity’, a magnetic, wall-mounted white board that can become a multifunctional accessory, serving either as a notice board in a lounge and office pantry, or as an effective tool during presentations and brainstorming. Planning Sisplamo’s ‘Z 765 Cork notice board “Zénit”’ is a classic, cork noticeboard with an aluminium frame, where pins are used to fasten the documents.

Another class of notice boards are upholstered, freestanding, room-dividing screens. In this category, we find Christian Halleröd’s ‘2be’ for Lintex, where individual acoustic panels are set within an aluminium frame, and mounted on a castor base for increased flexibility; or Johan Götesson’s ‘Screen IT Floor Screen’, a collection of colourful screens with soft edges and bright colours.

Robert Bronwasser’s ‘Leaf whiteboard’ by Cascando is a small, freestanding, magnetic notice board, while Ciami Brevetti’s ‘Archimede’ is a wall-mounted, magnetic, modular notice board, which can be equipped with a variety of accessories, such as specialist displays and brochure holders and trays.

In the case of Karl Andersson-produced ‘Front Board’, designed by Lasse Pettersson and Lennart Notman, the notice board consists of a wooden back panel with integrated shelves and holders, designed to display standard-sized brochures and memos. However, ‘Ridå RIET 52W’ notice board, designed for the same manufacturer by Krook & Tjäder Design and Joel Karlsson, is a slim, tall wooden shelf, whose lower half accommodates felt compartments that serve as a magazine display, while the upper part consists of a magnetic panel, covered by a thin sheet of wooden veneer.

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