Nilson Handmade Beds products

People all over the world enjoy the great comfort of Nilson beds. Natural materials are used according to traditional methods to produce the high level of comfort this unique product provides.
At Nilson, design and styling are joined with natural sleeping comfort of the highest criteria. Each bed is entirely hand-made in the Netherlands. The genuine natural materials, such as biological cotton, pure wool and horsehair, provide a pleasant comfort and an airy and dry sleeping climate. Due to their purely natural materials and the environment-friendly production process, Nilson beds are ecological and durable by nature. Therefore, each Nilson bed is a responsible luxury.
Collaboration with inspiring people for design, styling and bed linen ensures a timeless and stylish design. With its motivated staff, Nilson guarantees high-quality sleeping comfort in its best form.
Nilson beds are frequently used in hotels and projects. Nilson beds are valued for their ultimate comfort and stylish appearance, combined with an excellent price-quality ratio.


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