Night stands

Offering a place for a small reading light, a book, a glass of water, an alarm clock and other small objects that accompany a person’s night and morning routine, night stands are supremely practical, yet often modest, pieces of everyday furniture.

‘Do-Mo’, designed by Maurizio Castelvetro for Tonelli, is a highly abstracted night stand fashioned out of a wooden prism and a glass plate, and even in this highly reduced form, it still serves a very practical purpose. Equally serious is the Bauhaus-inspired ‘B 117’ night stand, manufactured by Thonet since 1934, it consists of an angular drawer held aloft by a tubular steel cantilever.

Those who prefer a more traditional aesthetic would be pleased with Bolzan Letti’s ‘Venice’ night stand, whose unadorned, sensuous form recalls bygone days, and which is available either lacquered or with gold-leaf finish. Marcel Wanders fuses a sober, rectangular shell with an ornate leg in his ‘Jen’ night stand for Quodes, and unites them in bold black or red.

Jürg Steiner and Dirk Uptmoor combine practicality of a large drawer and a large shelf with industrial chic in their mobile ‘Rox 2 Roller Container 22910’ for System 180, whilst Paola Navone offers a more whimsical perspective with her ‘LC 51’ night stand, which consists of three stacked drawers, the middle one placed slightly off-centre. Philippe Starck’s ‘Small Ghost Buster’ for Kartell assumes the basic shape of a small night stand, but is entirely cast from plastic and comes in a variety of colourful, transparent finishes.

Some might prefer a more generic solution, in which case a small side table, such as Charles and Ray Eames’s supremely versatile and elegant ‘Occasional Table LTR’, produced by Vitra, can be used. And while the wooden, FG-Stijl-designed ‘Kyoto’ night table is primarily meant as a companion to other products manufactured by Nilson Handmade Beds, it too comes in a variety of colour finishes so that it can harmonise with the rest of the furniture in the room.

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