Multimedia conference tables

With the rise of new technologies, designers and manufacturers are quick to incorporate and support the latest gadgets where it counts, and it is no wonder that multimedia conference tables have evolved into a product separate category.

Idesign’s ‘EFG HideTech AVM’, manufactured by EFG, is a perfect example of a multimedia conference table. Not only does it have a power and network outlet box, which sits flush in the worktop, it it also incorporates loudspeakers, an HD camera and a screen, the latter incorporated in a flip-up section of the table’s surface. This makes it suited to regular meetings, presentations, as well as videoconferences.

In Mario Mazzer’s ‘Work Up Teaching’ for Martex, the multimedia conference table with all the necessary power and data connections stands independent of a matching AV stand, onto which the a screen and the necessary audio-visual accessories are mounted. Similar approach is taken by Albert Holz in his ‘Audience conference table’ for Haworth. This multimedia conference table only incorporates data and power outlets, which are set within a tabletop, but the range it belongs to also includes a sideboard with a projection screen, a lectern, a media table and a trolley.

Lastly, some designs leave the choice of a projection surface or screen up to the user; the multimedia conference tables thus include only the necessary connections. Holzmedia’s large, aptly named 'C7 triangular table’; Kai Stania’s understated, rectangular ‘AL | Conferencing’ for Bene; and Jouni Leino’s low-key and robust ‘In-Tensive’ for Inno all take this approach.

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