Monitor arms / mounts

Monitor arms and mounts are used in offices to free the precious, and often accident-prone desktop surfaces. They also enable easy adjustments of screens and displays, for personal ergonomy, or to ease communication with one’s neighbours.

Systemtronic’s ‘Support’ monitor mount serves to hoist up a laptop to a height where it may be used comfortably instead of an ordinary computer screen. Height-adjustable and rotating ‘T-efe-T’ monitor mount by the same manufacturer rests on the same steel base, but is suited to holding a large computer display.

CBS’s ‘Wishbone’ is a sleek, height adjustable aluminium monitor arm, where the monitor can be rotated, and the user can manually adjust the distance from it. It has a carrying capacity of up to 12 kg. SBFI Limited’s ‘Axiom | Desk post’ monitor mount is a similar, but more robust-looking design, and is perfect for an intense trading room environment. ‘CBS Hi1’, again by CBS, is a wall-mounted monitor arm with an extremely high degree of manoeuvrability, most suited to medical examination and consultation rooms.

Steelcase’s ‘Forward’ and DVO’s ‘DV300-Accessories | Video arm support’ are both monitor arms that can be docked into a complementary cable management system, making them a perfect solution in a busy workplace.

Lastly, some monitor mounts are able to support multiple screens at once. CBS’s ‘Flo Dual’ features two monitor arms mounted on a single base, and can hold either the customary flatscreens but also touchscreen tablets. Tomas Svensson-designed ‘Linjé 4Way Toolbar’ monitor mount, manufactured Götessons is a beam mounted between two poles that can accommodate up to 5 screens. Finally, SBFI Limited’s ‘Axiom | Post and beam clamp’ mounts two manoeuvrable monitor arms onto a single post, and can also hold an array of displays if several are used in series.

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