Monitor arms

Monitor arms form a small, but important part of AV furniture. At their most basic, they simply hold a monitor at a certain height, but because contemporary users demand flexibility, leading designers and manufacturers produce monitor arms that can be angled or adjusted in height. This means that a single workspace can be used by two different workers, or by groups during meetings, brainstorming sessions and consultations.

Consider CBS’s ‘Flo Dual’, a dual, rotating, height-adjustable monitor arm that accommodates both a conventional monitor, but also a touchscreen tablet. Götessons’s ‘V3 Monitorarm’ is more suited for an individual workplace as it features a single armature. Both designs are attached to the back of a desktop, as is ‘Flo Plus Dual’, a monitor arm that can support two large displays simultaneously.

‘T-efe-T’ monitor arm by Systemtronic, on the other hand, is an understated, height-adjustable stand. ‘Support’ monitor arm, another stand by the same manufacturer, is designed to hoist up a laptop, so that it can be used as a regular workstation without causing its user repetitive strain injury.

CBS’s ‘CBS Hi-1’ is an extremely flexible monitor arm with a long reach, best suited to clinics for patient consultation and monitoring, while Götesson’s ‘Slim Tv-mount’ is a sturdier design with a shorter reach and is more suited to hold large flatscreen TVs. Different as they are, both monitor arms integrate cables in their structure.

‘Flo Slatwall short’, manufactured by CBS and ‘Toolbar Acessories | D-Zine’, designed for Götessons by Tomas Svensson, are monitor arms that are mounted on rails incorporated within privacy partition panels. Conversely, Steelcases’s ‘Forward Arm’ is mounted on a rail inserted between two opposing desks. Both approaches aim to provide their users with maximum flexibility.

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