Modular seating systems

Modular seating systems are specially suited to furnishing larger lounge areas and waiting rooms. In both cases, modular seating systems are designed to offer comfort to their occupants, but also to be part of a stimulating environment.

And there are many inspiring designs to consider, such as Roberto Romanello’s understated, friendly, rounded ‘Jo-club’ for Segis, a modular sofa which can be combined and extended according to users’ specifications in the traditional fashion. Eero Koivisto’s ‘Playback’ modular seating system for OFFECCT is a large sofa too, but includes modules with non-orthogonal geometry, which makes this suitable for large, more informal compositions.

Non-orthogonal geometry is a recurring motif in modular seating systems, whether we consider Ivar Gestranius’s and Kevin Lahtinen’s ‘Signs’ for Loook Industries, a series of colourful, upholstered, bench modules, which can be rearranged into different configurations, depending on the size of the space, architect Ben van Berkel’s ‘Circle’ modular seating system for Walter Knoll, which is based on an asymmetrical circular sofa whose modules can be arranged, joined or multiplied until a satisfactory result is obtained, or Verner Panton’s ‘Cloverleaf’, produced by Verpan, an ornately curving modular seating system.Working with smaller modules, Michael Solis designs ‘Defender’ for Dune, a series of hexagonal stools which can be joined together to produce the desired seating configuration.

However, some modular seating systems consists of more disparate, individual modules. TECNO-manufactured ‘Archipelago’, designed by Monica Förster, is a series of rounded, minimal sofas of different lengths and additional side tables which can connect the sofas into a loose composition. Till Grosch’s and Björn Meier’s ‘ophelis docks’ for ophelis consists of a sofa, a day bed, an integrated side table and a privacy screen, which can either be arranged loosely and individually, or mounted on a shared base to create the desired constellation.

Experimenting with materials, Frederic van Heereveld’s ‘Q-couch’ for MOVISI is a modular seating system that consists of adjoining, plastic foam slices of different colours, while Paolo Parisi’s ‘Lache’ modular seating system for adele-c is an abstract block built up of layers of cardboard, felt and rubber.

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