Modular seating elements

In the case of smaller lounge areas and waiting rooms, whole modular systems might not be needed to furnish the space, but a few well-chosen modular seating elements can help in creating a pleasant, user-friendly space. The emphasis in this product group lies on seating modules which can be used on their own, as well as combined with others in their respective product line.

This approach is seen in Stine Engelbrechtsen’s ‘Planet Single’ for Softline, a large, comfortably upholstered, modular seating element with a backrest and polished steel feet. It can be joined with ‘Planet corner’ and ‘Planet pouf’ to create a large comfortable sofa.

Rane Vaskivuori’s and Valvomo Architects’ colourful ‘Movie’ features just two modular seating elements: a seat with or without backrest. Both can be used as standalone pieces. ‘La Single’, “La Corner and ‘La Double’, designed by Nauris Kalinauskas for Sedes Regia, is another series of modular seating elements that form a sofa, but they are that are visually lighter, featuring tall polished legs and a thinner, but no less comfortable seats.

Monica Förster’s ‘Archipelago’ is of a different order. This modular system is already composed of interlinked, formally related, but disparate, units; meaning that each can be used independently of one another. Thomas Bernstrand’s and Lars Pettersons’s ‘Mayflower Beam’ traverse seating is an example of a system which relies on repetition of modular seating elements, and when this is not the case, a singular beam, supporting two or three seats and a side table, is what is left.

In the case of Poul Christiansen’s ‘Between Us’ by Fora Form, individual, organically shaped, plastic modular elements with internal, upholstered seating shells can be joined together by a reduced, cylindrical side table. Beatriz Diaz Matud’s ‘Tondino’ modular seating for bdm design is a little unusual, being made of expressively bent steel rods, featuring a loose padded leather seat. Finally, studioPANG’s ‘Wheely’ for Slide is a bold, sculptural, polyethylene, double-seat block, which can even be turned flat on its side and used as a bench.

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