Mobile workstations

Mobile workstations provide necessary, temporary working space during meetings, for visitors, or for employees, whose presence is often required elsewhere than their usual workplace.

As such, larger mobile workstations are often used in meeting rooms due to their higher capacity. Consider the ‘N table Rechtecktisch-T-fuß’ designed for Wiesner-Hager by Carmen and Urs Greutmann Bolzern, or Martin Ballendat’s ‘JoinMe’ for dauphin, both large mobile workstations with a castor base. This allows the users to create different configurations, depending on the type of meeting, with relative ease. Furthermore, the desktops can be folded to allow for more convenient transport and storage.

Zieta’s ‘Koza II’ is a system of light, steel trestles, which means that any workstation can be easily dismantled and its individual components carried to where they are needed. Another innovative product is Abstracta’s ‘Mobi’ mobile workstation, in which a castor-mounted, fabric-covered acoustic panel is combined with a one-legged desktop to create an ideal solution for a modern, flexible, open-plan office.

Other solutions are slightly smaller-scale and more suited to temporary workspaces. Martin Ballendat’s ‘Nomado’ mobile workstation for Mobica is in fact a large, room-dividing screen with integrated electric outlets, whose panels unfold into two desks, one on each side. ‘Wallstreet Office Network’, designed for adeco by Urs and Carmen Greutmann Bolzern, is a mobile workstation that takes the form of a computer stand with a height-adjustable monitor platform.

Okamura’s ‘Risefit’ is a more generic, height-adjustable mobile workstation, suited to lobbies, lounges, or as a side desk in any office. José Miguel Martínez Medina’s ‘KB2 in tour’ mobile workstation consists of a small circular tabletop, which is mounted on a small, mobile, square storage cabinet. And lastly, Raul Barbieri’s ‘Banco Light’ mobile workstation by Rexite is a small desk with a steel structure, glass desktop, and a large, glass, bottom shelf, which can hold a printer.

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