Mirrors in the hallway serve a decorative, as well as a practical purpose. After all, it is not unusual to take a last glance into the mirror before leaving the house.

Larger hallways permit freestanding mirrors. These range from ‘Ikebana III Standing mirror’ by Karen Chekerdjian, a tall, approximately elliptical mirror with a solid wood, asymmetric base, which can be used as a small stool, to Khouri Guzman Bunce Limited’s ‘Starling’, which crafts an understated formal construction with luxurious bronze, rosewood veneer and combines it with a rectangular, rotating mirror. Merging practicality with whimsy, Donato D’Urbino’s and Paolo Lomazzi’s ‘Appendispecchio’ is a broad coat-stand with mirrored sides.

There is also a broad selection of wall-mounted mirrors. These can be more traditional, such as the elliptical ‘Salome’, produced by Devon&Devon, and Deknudt Mirror’s rectangular ‘Anna’, both of which have prominent, ornate frames. On the other hand, Luca Nichetto’s ‘Zeiss’ for Gallotti&Radice is a set of three minimal, abstract, pebble-shaped mirrors. Hiroshi Kawano’s playful and friendly ‘Birdie’, manufactured by EX.T, a mirror whose shape resembles an outline of a bird, comes with a deep frame, which can be used as a small shelf.

Karim Rashid’s tall ‘Sill’ mirror for Tonelli, as well as his smaller ‘OSKAR’ for B-LINE, are both wall-mounted mirrors that feature shelves. In the former, glass shelves are glued to the tall, rectangular mirror, whereas in the latter, the rounded, plastic frame protrudes at the bottom to create a small shelf and two hooks. Russell Pinch’s ‘Iona Cheval Mirror’ is a rotating, elliptical, freestanding mirror which offers storage space in the shape of a drawer suspended between its two wooden supports.

And finally, not all mirrors are perfect, vertical reflectors. Giovanni Tommaso Garattoni’s ‘Vu’ for Tonelli laminates irregularly sized strips of glass onto the reflective back surface to produce a shimmering, wall-mounted surface. Finally, Zieta-manufactured ‘Rondo’ mirror abandons glass for a polished, hollow, convex steel disk, and can be either mounted on, or lean against, a wall.

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