Mirrors are familiar objects that serve more purposes than just admiring one’s own reflection. For example, a suitably placed mirror can optically enlarge the space, reflect light into the room’s darker corners and of course serve as a decorative object, adding either a touch of whimsy or underpinning a more serious mood.

Karen Chekerdjian’s freestanding ‘Ikebana III Standing mirror’ definitely falls into the first category, with its irregular, massive wooden stand and an irregular, organically shaped frame which is superimposed on a large oval mirror. Andrea Lucatello’s wall-mounted ‘Hang up’ for Bonaldo is playful too, but here the reflective rectangular mirror plate hangs unevenly in its upright frame.

A more serious, but also more decorative is the wall-mounted ‘Anna’ by Deknudt Mirrors, which features a classicising silver, or golden frame. ‘Quartz’ mirror, manufactured by the same company, is a more minimal design, but it its angular outline, and tilted, fragmented surface ensures unexpected views.

Some mirrors try to add further practicality by featuring a small storage space for various small objects. A. Jacob Marks’s ‘lineground round mirror’ for Skram, or Karim Rashid’s ‘OSKAR’ for B-Line, are both smaller, wall-mounted mirrors whose frame protrudes outwards to create a small shelf. Russell Pinch’s ‘Iona Cheval Mirror’ is an understated, yet enchanting, freestanding, pivoting elliptical mirror with s small drawer suspended between its wooden supports.

And while most mirrors present us with a near perfect reflection, some deviate from this trend. Christine Birkhoven’s ‘Table mirror Mira Miranda’, manufactured by Postfossil, is a small, olive-green oval; simultaneously translucent and reflective, with an image of an ash tree in its middle. And abandoning glass altogether, ‘Rondo’, manufactured by Zieta, is a highly polished, hollow, convex steel disk creating unique, distorted reflections, and can be either mounted on, or lean against, a wall.

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