Mattresses are instrumental in ensuring a good night’s sleep. Important factors for all mattress are optimal weight distribution, sufficient ventilation, hygiene and long term stability. Mattress’ hardness usually depends on the user’s sleeping position and personal preference.

‘Comfort H22 - H26 Mattresses’, manufactured by Flou, or Treca Interiors Paris’s ‘Collection Prestige | Silver Air-Spring-Spring’ are both high-quality innerspring mattresses. Here, the core of the mattress is made of high quality metal springs, sandwiched between layers of foam and finally covered in high-quality quilt. This structure allows the mattress to breathe, and ensures flexibility and durability, while the springs inside are be laid out to optimally distribute the weight of the sleeping body.

‘Mattress versa excellence’, an innerspring design by Swissflex, is suitable for an adjustable bed and that features a winter and a summer side. Another common type is the foam mattress, where the major component is polyurethane, latex or other foam. Tojo Möbel’s ‘ergo’ is an all foam mattress, with incisions in its core which ensure optimal weight distribution. Additionally, this mattress also includes a removable, cotton-quilt lining, which can be washed in a washing-machine.

Italian manufacturer Pedano places emphasis on natural, therapeutic materials and modern craftsmanship. Using natural rubber foam as a base for their relatively straightforward ‘Hevea’ mattress, they introduce a layer of turf wool in the ‘Torba’ mattress, or layer of straw in the middle of the ‘Paglia’ mattress .

And lastly, Chiccham’s ‘Cham mattress’ is a smaller mattress, which can be put on the floor or on top of a large unupholstered bench to provide more comfort, and can eventually accommodate an unexpected, overnight guest.

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