Mattress toppers

Mattress toppers are a removable items of bedding that are sometimes affixed on top a mattress. They can provide a softer sleeping surface, but above all, protect the mattress from stains and subsequent damage. Needless to say, mattress toppers are also easier to clean more thoroughly than a mattress

The mattress toppers shown here are all manufactured by Treca Interiors Paris, a specialist in beds and bedroom furniture. However, each product has specific properties. For example, the ‘Collection Prestige | Auflage Seine prestige’ has a removable sleeve that can be washed in a washing machine, along with a winter and summer side.

The ‘Collection Platinum’ range combines luxurious, natural material such as cashmere, camel hair and silk in combination with linen and cotton wool to produce high-quality mattress toppers: ‘Collection Platinum| Auflage Cachemire’, ‘Collection Platinum| Auflage Premier’ and ‘Collection Platinum| Auflage Samarkand’ respectively.

Some mattress toppers, notably ‘Collection Prestige | Auflage Rivoli Élysée’ and ‘Collection Platinum| Auflage Pont-Neuf Prestige’ have antibacterial properties and are especially suitable for people with sensitive skin, due to materials used in their upholstery.

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