Map rail systems

Map rail systems are practical accessories, found in large offices, meeting rooms, seminar rooms or lecture theatres. These product enable multiple whiteboards or notice boards to be mounted alongside a wall, one covering the other, meaning they can be spread out when more writing space is needed. In some case the boards may also double as projection screens.

Abstracta’s ‘Moow’, designed by Stefan Borselius, consists of a slender top rail, from which a whiteboard is suspended and can slide over one that is mounted directly on the wall. The whiteboards, keeping with the clean aesthetic, feature rounded corners and a thin metal frame. Friis & Moltke’s ‘Vip’ map rail system, also for Abstracta, is an altogether sturdier design with two rails, where the individual boards may also be angled if needed.

Strähle’s ‘Vertical Organisation’ map rail system can hold small writing boards, shelving and display units, or even a hat rack. Similarly, Tomas Svensson’s ‘Freewall Double Track’ for Götessons also offers such diverse components and may also to be affixed to some of privacy screens and table dividers offered by the manufacturer.

Lastly, HOLTZ’s map rail systems comprise a range of designs, prosaically called ‘2-channel junior wall rail’, ‘3-channel junior wall rail’ and ‘4-channel junior wall rail’, allowing the user to attach the desired number of whiteboards, planning boards and notice boards onto a robust, aluminium rail.

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