Mansory lights

Masonry lights are inserted into a building's façade, not necessarily to provide illuminations for the passers-by, but as a way to heighten the perception of architecture itself. In this way, masonry lights put the building itself, along with its texture, colours and materials, into a literal spotlight.

Lundbergdesign’s ‘Moon 300 horizontal’ for Platek Light is a thin, square masonry light, its body made of extruded, weather-resistant aluminium alloy. Instead of featuring a conventional light source, the design features a circular hole whose edges incorporate LED lights. A variation of this design is the ‘Moon 300 vertical’, which is mounted in a vertical fashion, casting its light sideways.

A different design, by the same creative team is the large, cylindrical masonry light ‘Circus 200’, which can be attached to ceilings and walls. Once again, its body is made of corrosion-resistant aluminium alloy that ensures a smooth, clean look in outdoors conditions.

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