Management chairs

Management swivel chairs are at the more comfortable spectrum of office chairs. The focus designer’s focus is again on comfort, practicality and durability, but representation starts becoming important as well.

Modern classics are represented by ‘Aluminium Group EA 119’ management swivel chair, designed by the eminent post-war designers Charles and Ray Eames, now manufactured by Vitra. This chair offers utmost comfort despite its sleek design and a seat which consists of a stretched fabric or leather. Formally inspired by the Aluminium Group, Jasper Morrison’s ‘Lotus LS/55CB’ management swivel chair features a height-adjustable, aluminium castor base, but its seat is an upholstered plywood shell.

Other management swivel chairs look to the armchair as its basic prototype. Jean-Marie Massaud’s tiltable ‘Aston Direction Synchro’ management swivel chair, combines a height-adjustable base on castors with a thin, upholstered armchair shell, and Josep Lluscà’s ‘Cuore’ management swivel chair for Forma 5 repeats this feat, but the shell enveloping the back of the seat is finished in luxurious, wooden veneer.

Lievore Altherr Molina’s ‘Chancellor’ is a more sober, plush, angular armchair mounted on a castor base, but still offers its user five different seating positions, even allowing a transformation into a chaise longue. Harri Korhonen’s ‘Select Largo’ for Inno is a more minimal, compact design, but only comes with wheels and height adjustability.

There are also designers which opt to design a comfortable, adjustable seating through a more direct application of ergonomic principles. Michelle De Lucchi’s ‘norma 381’ for Alias combines an upholstered seat with a fabric mesh backrest and all the necessary adjustment mechanisms to ensure a comfortable seating even during long hours at the office. Okamura’s ‘Visconte’ management swivel chair is similar, and caters to a wide a consumer base by making some of its features optional.

Peter Wagner’s ‘AluMedic® Ltd.’ Management swivel chair offers all the standard ergonomic features, but adds an optional headrest as well. And finally de Sede’s ‘DS 2100’ mimics the human backbone and ribs and deconstructs the seat and the backrest into segmented slats, which adjust itself individually to the sitter’s position.

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