Magnetic boards

Even though magnetic boards are practical accessories in any office, they rarely, if ever, stand on their own, but are instead combined with other product types.

For example, Christian Halleröd’s ‘M4 Cabinet’ for Lintex is a tall, open shelf, mounted on wheels, with a magnetic, writing surfaces on one of its sides. The same manufacturer also produces ‘Mood Glass’ a series of colourful, translucent, magnetic panels, that are intended to serve as room dividers.

Also made from glass is Josefine Honoré’s and Hans Henning Jensen’s small, wall-mounted ‘Chat-board glass memoboard’ manufactured by CHAT-BOARD, a minimal, rectangular magnetic board that can also be written on. Planning Sisplano’s ‘Z 720 Enamelled steel Whiteboard “Zénit”’ is a large, straightforward, magnetic white board with an aluminium frame.

Eelco Voogd’s ‘Sketchalot’ for Abstracta is also a magnetic white board, but its wall-leaning design means it can be easily transported and used anywhere in the office. Oskar Zieta’s ‘3+ Plate 1cm’ is simply a perforated, wall-mounted, steel panel, that can be used as cladding, to build up room dividers, but also to be used as an intermediate surface for other mounting mechanisms, such as hooks.

Finally, Friis & Moltke Design’s ‘Vip’ for Abstracta is not so much any magnetic board, but an extendable magnetic white board, a black board, while also featuring a built-in case with a projection screen.

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