Magazine shelves

Magazine shelves are home furnishings whose primary function is not only to store, but also to display magazines and books and to facilitate their easy retrieval.

In the case of Robert Bronwasser’s ‘Pillow’ magazine shelf for Cascando, narrow shelves are attached to a wall-mounted, fabric-upholstered back panel. The magazines are then held in place with an elastic strap. This playful approach is contrasted by 967 Archietti Associati’s ‘Chiave di Volta’ magazine shelf, a serious, angular, metal design, manufactured by Dieffebi.

‘Leaf magazine board’, another collaboration between Bronwasser and Cascando, is an elegant, slightly tilted freestanding board with narrow shelves. For those wishing for a more flexible solution, Maria Westerberg’s ‘Wawe’, manufactured by Karl Andersson, is a freestanding, L-shaped module with two metal loops which hold the magazine in place. The modules can be stacked, or placed side to side to create a zig-zag magazine display and room divider.

Alberto Basaglia’s and Natalia Rota Nodari’s aluminium, modular ‘Elle System’ for YDF recalls modern library magazine shelves and offers large amounts of storage space. ‘Webweb’, designed by Peter Christian Herfel and Sebastian Klarhoefer, is a sober, orthogonal, solid wooden shelf, which can be also serve as a room divider. Bjørn Jørund Blikstad’s ‘Imeuble’ for By Corporation is a plastic, wall-mounted, hexagonal module, subdivided into three diamond-shaped compartments. Available in primary colours, as well as black and white, this magazine shelf allows for a playful, free composition

Finally, Bruno Rainaldi’s ‘Ptolomeo Original’ for Opinion Ciatti, attaches thin metal shelves onto a central support. When filled, this structure resembles an impossibly tall stack of magazines and books. Yael Mer’s and Shay Alkalay’s ‘Booken’ magazine shelf is a horizontal, narrow frame with slats supported by table-like legs. The books and magazines hang on thin wooden slats within the frame, creating an impossible effect of a row of reading material floating in mid-air.

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