Lounge-work seating

Contemporary trend of open-plan offices and a focus on collaboration have created a more informal atmosphere in the workplace. Therefore, lounge-work seating becomes increasingly important, providing its users with an opportunity to brainstorm, meet and collaborate in a friendly, casual setting.

Some of the designs in the lounge-work seating product category overlap with privacy furniture. After all, working and socialising both require a degree of privacy. Therefore, designs such as Jörg Bernauer’s ‘Concept C Con 72’for Klöber, a high back sofa which can be complemented with a small side table; or Robert Bronwasser’s ‘Bricks Overleg Sofa’ for Palau, part of a range of privacy and lounge furniture that includes screens, side tables and armchairs; would both be an excellent choice.

Carmen and Urs Greutmann Bolzern’s ‘LO Mindport Work Lounge’ for Lista Office, and Michael Schmidt's ‘MeetYou partitions’ for Haworth, are more explicit in terms of their designs, and cluster acoustically and visually protected lounge-work seating around small tables, even suggesting that screens for presentations can be incorporated into the ensemble. Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec’s ‘Alcove Highback Work’ for Vitra is a wide standalone sofa with a high backrest, but has an integrated work tray, while Bartoli Design’s ‘Meet-Me’ lounge-work seating for Segis is an angular double seat with wide arm rests, which may be used as side tables for documents or laptops.

There is also a large number of individual lounge-work seating designs. For example, Michiel van der Kley’s ‘Globus’ for Artifort is an opening sphere which includes an internal seat and a desk, while Khodi Feiz’s ‘Moment’ for OFFECCT is a wide, organically shaped, upholstered seating shell on a swiveling, metal base, one of its sides morphing into a small desk.

Stefan Borselius’s ‘Wilmer CT Table’ lounge-work seating for Blå Station is an upholstered seat mounted on a wide, chromed, tubular steel base, with two swiveling tray tables on the side. Finally, Danny Venlet joins a circular counter with a round seat for his ‘Easy Rider’ for BULO, and supports the ensemble on slender, steel legs with castors.

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