Lockers enable safe storage and retrieval of one’s belongings or athletic gear whilst visiting sport and fitness facilities. The size and organisation of lockers depends on many circumstances: for example, sports that require larger pieces of equipment also require larger lockers, but manufacturers are well-prepared to deal with a large number of diverse requirements.

Consider the lockers produced by the manufacturer van Esch that offers two different, comprehensive ranges. ‘Aquarius HG 2301/P’ comprises two tall lockers, while ‘Aquarius HP1304’ arranges four wide, but low lockers above each other. ‘Aquarius HV 2306/P’ is a tall cupboard divided into a grid of twelve small, cubic lockers. This range is made of engineered wood and can be ordered in a variety of colour finishes, with or without locking mechanisms, and even with clothing racks in some of the larger storage compartments.

Also by van Esch, ‘Aquarius SP1036’ stacks a series of wide, but low openable compartments of top of one another. ‘Aquarius SG2301/O’ comprises two narrow, tall lockers with internal shelves, standing on an open, steel base. And while ‘Aquarius SV2305/P’ stands on a small plinth and contains small, cubic compartments, ‘Aquarius SZ2402/P’ includes a number of narrow, open pigeon holes alongside a series of compact loakers. All of these designs are made out of metal and also available in a range of colours to help them integrate into any interior.

Lastly, Rafa Ortega’s ‘CUbox Cod.08090’ locker, produced by do+ce, is a part of a modular series of corporate storage furniture, where the manufacturer allows the customers to provide exact specifications, allowing a high degree of customisation and truly individual solutions.

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