Lockers are tall, narrow cupboards, which makes them an ideal furnishing for the hallway: they have the same capacity, but take up less surface area than an otherwise lower sideboard. Inside, a locker may contain a rail for coats, shelves for shoes, or both.

‘Dressmate’, a locker by Michael Hilgers for Müller Möbelwekstätten, is a down-to-earth, plywood, modular system, where different modules, some with shelves, others with a mirror or hooks on the side and an inner rail, are stacked on top of each other. Another modular design is Jürg Steiner’s and Dirk Uptmoor’s ‘Inline Coat Rack 17912’, manufactured by System 180, a slightly larger locker that exposes its steel structure.

Manufacturer Subrock produces a whole range of lockers and hallway furniture, with the understated ‘Panama’, being one of their most versatile and sought-after systems. This classic range still looks as fresh as when it was launched in 1977. Another sober, modular, design is Jehs + Laub’s ‘STRIPES’ collection for Schönbuch, which includes tall lockers and cupboards, a built-in bench and a mirror, as well as a range of lower sideboards.

Sebastian Desch’s ‘cubus entry hall’ for TEAM 7 is an ensemble of two mirror-fronted lockers, one low and one tall, a wooden panel which unites them, and a coat rack which is mounted on the panel. Karim Rashid’s ‘Kaddy’ for Tonelli is an all-glass, revolving, open rocker with a mirror in the back, while Judith Seng’s ‘Hide 2.0’ is a seemingly ordinary, tall cupboard , which nonetheless has a narrow gap between its two doors, allowing a peek inside.

Bergen Design’s ‘dCom’ for die Collection is a slightly lower locker, which serves as a stable support for a pivoting console table. In ‘Le ragazze formose-in piedi Cemento’, manufactured by Opinion Ciatti, Bruno Rainaldi takes the sculptural route, creating an abstract, tall block, set a small distance from the wall, rendered in a concrete, silver or gold leaf.

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