Library shelving

Today’s avid readers have an option of furnishing their home with library shelving. These products are characterised by their high capacity, modularity and a myriad of possibilities when it comes to storing and displaying books. Naturally, the more or less neutral framework of library shelving can be used to store and display other domestic objects as well.

The ‘Littbus Wood / Accessories’ library shelf, designed by Börge Lindau for Lustrum, offers additional elements, such as a desktop and magazine display board, which can be slotted into its wooden supports, introducing a smaller scale and making it more suitable for a domestic setting. In addition, this library shelving system, like many others, can be used as a room divider. On the contrary a more traditional design, such as Morelato’s large, wooden ‘Bibliotheca 900’ library cabinet, is made to be placed against a wall, and includes glazed doors to protect the books from dust.

The ‘XY’ range of library shelving, designed by ZER04ZER03 studio for Extendo, also offers many different possibilities: ‘XY Set 14’ is lower, modular shelving system, ‘XY Set 08’ offers understated shelves with haphazardly distributed, colourful boxes for magazines or CDs and ‘XY Set 04’ offers colourful shelves of different heights and widths.

Archighenga’s ‘Bengentile Librerie’, manufactured by ULTOM ITALIA, is both a modular, meandering library shelving and room divider. Carl Stahl’s ‘I-SYS’ is a free-standing element that uses steel cables to suspend wooden bookshelves from the back board. And at last, but not least, the ‘Exilis Compressed System’ library shelving designed by WE DO for nonuform, has adjustable bases and thus can span the height of almost any room, creating an effective divide, but also airy storage space.

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