LED lights

LED lights do not refer to a certain formal or functional typology within interior lighting, but instead refer to a innovative technology behind the source of illumination itself. LEDs, short for light-emitting diodes, are an energy-efficient light source first invented in the 1960s, but it was only a few years ago that they were perfected and have become readily available for the consumer market.

Thus, most contemporary fixtures can accommodate LED lights. These can be as ornamental as Christopher Mathieu’s ‘Slend’ by BOVER, a delicately elongated, silver-gloss pendant, or Hans Buschfeld’s and Isabel Hamm’s ‘RONDO FANO’ for Buschfeld Design, a chandelier decorated with tendril-like glass hooks. Droog-manufactured ‘85 Lamps’ by Rody Graumans is actually a bundle of 85 light bulbs, that, although they resemble old incandescent designs, are actually energy efficient LED lights.

Most table lamps are also easily fitted with LED lights. Even classic designs, such as Erik Gunnar Asplund’s elegant ‘GA 5’, which consists of a spun aluminium lampshade resting on a bent, steel tube and is now manufactured by Blond Belysning, can be fitted with this modern technology. Most of today’s recessed ceiling lights, such as Kreon’s ‘Down 120 directional’ are fitted with LED lights, while others, such as or EOOS’s highly adjustable, ‘Discus Evolution’ for Zumtobel Lighting, rely on LEDs as their main source of formal expression.

Of course, LED lights can be integrated into suspended ceiling panels, such as Helmut S. Engel’s ‘Econe® Hybrid Recessed ceiling and wall luminaires’ for RZB - Leuchten, making this type of lighting suitable for expansive, commercial office spaces. And lastly, LED lights are especially valued for their ability to change colour. This is evident in Hera’s ‘LED RGB Line 2’ which can illuminate large areas of wall, bathing them in different colours, or even in 3d Lighting’s ‘Kubo Pendant 4”/6” Linear’ a rectangular pendant, whose sandblasted acrylic shell incorporates the necessary LED technology to become a glowing volume of different hues.

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