Laundry room furniture

Large laundry rooms are considered a luxury in today’s home, though of course, they can be successfully integrated into its design. And there most certainly exist specialist solutions for premium laundry room furniture.

The designs featured here are all manufactured by Riva 1920 and designed by Terry Dwan. They show different possibilities of furnishing a laundry room with high quality storage and working spaces. All of the featured laundry room furniture is carpentered out of cedar wood, which is known to be decay resistant and a natural moth repellent.

For example, ‘Laundry mobile lavanderia’ is a large built-in cupboard which includes place for a washing machine and a clothes dryer. ‘Easy Laundry Boiserie’ is cedar-wood panelling with optional wall-mounted shelves, designed specifically for the laundry room, but could alo be used in a hallway, for example.

Freestanding laundry room furniture is available as well. Island counters, the small ‘Laundry banco lavaggio piccolo’ and the larger ‘Laundry banco lavaggio grande’, incorporate a sink, and provide space to fold clothes, and designated spaces underneath the counter for a washing machine and a clothes dryer.

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