Laptop stands

The new workplace is increasingly mobile, and employees often work on laptops, whose small size and relatively robust computing power makes them ideal for most administrative tasks, communication and presentation. However, because they are often not optimised to be used as a substitute for a desktop, prolonged work with laptops can sometimes cause repetitive strain injury.

Manufactured by CBS, ‘CBS Laptop stand’ is a portable, folding mechanism into which a laptop can be inserted to achieve optimal monitor height. Another approach to laptop stands is seen in CBS’s ‘Laptop Tray’, a platform which is attached to an adjustable, rotating arm. Although it offers easier manipulation, it is always fixed to a workstation. ‘Tablet mount’ is a similar product, though it has been optimised to hold touchscreen tablets.

Tomas Svensson’s ‘TwisIT’ laptop stand for Götessons is primarily a storage shelf that is tucked underneath the desktop, and allows the user to connect without taking up space. However, it can swing out and serve as a temporary tray as well. Lastly, ‘Toolbar Accessories | Laptop holder’, also designed by Tomas Svensson for Götessons, is a metal shelf which is designed to complement the manufacturer’s office rail system.

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